Discontinued Products List & BOLOs

“How can I find profitable discontinued products to resell on Amazon and eBay?”

Dust. Look for dust. When you're out sourcing profitable products start looking closely for items that have some dust on them.

Think about mom & pop shops as an example. The majority of their customers are there for medicine, not to shop around, so there’s potential for products that have been passed on and have been sitting on their shelves for a long time.

These products are sitting on the shelf at mom & pop shops for YEARS and covered in dust!

Like powdered gold.

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Believe it or not, beloved products are constantly discontinued by major brands.

This leaves thousands of frustrated customers desperately searching to get their hands on their beloved products.

Their misfortune is your opportunity.

Thousands of buyers are willing to pay BIG MONEY for a chance to get their hands on their favorite products they can't find anymore!

We'll show you the exact products to buy and where to find them so you can flip them on eBay & Amazon!

The Flipping Team's Discontinued Products Group is a reseller community working together to flip highly desired in-demand products for profit.

We obsessively watch the trends for the next big Discontinued BOLO = Be On The Lookout products for HUGE resale opportunities.

You'll be added to the Private Group with a frequently updated collection of 150+ health & beauty and household discontinued products & BOLOs we are selling and currently searching for... along with a TEAM of flippers hustling together, sharing ideas, and keeping each other accountable & motivated!


Each post with an Amazon listing has a Live Keepa chart attached & updated daily!

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