The Flipping Team "Club 37" - Flips, Leads, & BOLOs Product List with Private Group Access

The Flipping Team is a reseller community constantly watching the trends for the next big BOLO and profitable product opportunities... so you don't have to.

This is The Future of Reselling!

We'll show you the exact products to buy and where to find them so you can flip them on eBay & Amazon!

The Flipping Team is a reseller community working together to flip highly desired in-demand products for profit.

We obsessively watch the trends for the next big BOLO = Be On The Lookout products for HUGE resale opportunities.

You'll be added to the Private Flipping Team Group with years of information and a TEAM of flippers hustling together, sharing ideas, and keeping each other accountable & motivated

Exclusive Insider Knowledge!

Relieve yourself from the frustration of sourcing profitable product opportunities on your own. We are skilled at Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage, and we're here to assist you in flipping collectibles, toys, electronics, home goods, and a wide variety of profitable products.

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Club 37 membership includes:

  • Online Arbitrage Leads List posting 10+ OA Leads per weekday going back to June 2021
  • Lowkey secret Outside-The-Box Flips from online stores that only collectors are looking at that most resellers don't know about. Insider knowledge and Full guidance on upcoming profitable releases including early links, secret add-to-cart links, and resale estimates.
  • Concert Tickets and Event Tickets Flips - Every seat is a unique piece of inventory, with no exchanges/returns and tickets have a literal expiration date
  • Brickseek Flips
  • Retail Arbitrage BOLOs at stores like Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, Home Depot, Lowes, CVS, Walgreens, etc etc etc
  • Member Leads & BOLOs
  • Electronics Restock Info (gaming consoles, video games, graphics cards, etc)
  • The eBay Viewer/Watcher Bot to add viewers & watchers to your eBay listings for a bump in search!
  • Sports Cards Flips
  • Collectible Cards Flips
  • Comic Book Flips
  • Hype Sneaker & Clothing Flips
  • Shoes & Sneakers Flips
  • Vinyl Record Flips
  • Funko Flips
  • Preorder Flips
  • Price Error Flips & Retail Site Glitch Alerts (I.E. retailer prices a 65" TV at $200 instead of $2,000)
  • Amazon Deals
  • Amazon Lightning Deals Alerts
  • Amazon Warehouse Deals Alerts
  • General Deals & Freebies
  • Video Game & Electronics News & Alerts
  • Auto Ungate ASINS
  • eCommerce News
  • Funko News & Alerts
  • Raffles
  • Sweepstakes
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The Flipping Team is the #1 lead providing network service for Amazon and eBay resellers.


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